Renewable Oil Services and Blue Chip Specialised Services prides itself on customer service. We work with our customers to effectively and efficiently manage their needs, believing that business partnerships matter.

Contact us and let us arrange a visit and see what solutions we can provide.

Our Products Include:

  • Waste Oil
  • Oil Filters
  • Oily Water
  • Oily Rags
  • Liquid & Hazardous Waste
  • Scrap Metal Cutting
  • Redundant Electrical dismantling & recycling
  • Transport Services
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Spill Kit Solutions

Spill Equipment and Training

Renewable Oil Services/Spillquip Australia offer a wide product range of spill equipment and training to effectively deal with any spill, of any magnitude. The company currently services Glencore/Xstrata, Centennial Coal, Integra (Vale), Yan Coal and Fuchs Lubricants, among smaller clients with their spill equipment requirements.

Key Features

  • Tier 1 spill Equipment – Prompt and Responsive Service
  • Spill Kit Maintenance and Servicing
  • Product on Demand
  • Extensive Product Range (General Purpose/ Chemical/ Oil Only)
  • Industry Leaders, extensive Know How
  • Dedicated Client Management