Blue Chip Specialised Services has undertaken several specialised works aimed towards specific mine site remediation, most notably the delivery of composted product and neutralisation of acidic flow into a watercourse.

Key Project – Compost

This involved the delivery and stockpile management of various grades of compost to RTCA (approx. 4,480T/month), to Howick, HVO and Mt. Thorley-Warkworth mines.

  • Inoculation, odour and exothermic combustion management of compost.
  • Creation of windrows, roadways, sumps and stockpile calculations.
  • Managed product in/out.
  • Managed detailed information on spread and application rates and associated compliance.
  • Managed hydro-logical characteristics of product.
  • Product testing.
  • RTCA pre-qualification.

Key Project – Watercourse

During 2012 BCSS undertook the long term project of neutralising acidic flow from Xstrata’s United Colliery at Glendonbrook.

  • Dosing calculations.
  • Supplied equipment, pumps, hoses, labour and dosing agent.
  • Designed long term option to ensure an effective, continuous dosing system, until wider issue was solved.