Liquid Waste

Renewable Oil Services has a proven track record in managing various forms of liquid waste. We will track waste on your behalf and provide documentation to support your statutory requirements.

Hydrocarbon Waste

All hydrocarbon waste collected is transported to our storage facility for sorting treatment and recycling. Purpose built containers, bins or IBC containers can be located on your premises, enabling efficient & effective sorting of your waste products.

All waste streams are electronically tracked using DECC online waste tracking system.

  • Liquid Hydrocarbons – waste oil, coolant, oily water collection
  • Oil Filters and Oily Rags – collection and recycling
  • AQPCB contaminated waste oil collection and recycling.

Oily Water Treatment

All grease, sludge and oily water can be treated in our purpose built treatment area. Undercover, fully bunded and EPA licenced, we are able to treat, separate and recycle contaminated water.